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Online Dating Magazine on TwitterEvery day on the Online Dating Magazine Twitter feed, there are two interesting “Did You Know?” tweets posted that usually deal with dating and online dating statistics or facts. As a courtesy, every month that we conclude a series of tweets, we will publish them here for you to peruse. Our goal is to provide fun and insightful information to you on a consistent basis (twice a day). Be sure to follow us to see the latest entries.

The program started on April 23, 2013, so here are the first 16 tweets:

Did You Know?…

There are 100 single women for ever 86 single men.
Up to 30% of people using online dating services are married.
40 million people in the United States have tried online dating.
People who meet online will get married twice as quick as those who meet offline.
More than 50 percent of online daters tell little white lies in their profiles.
More men use online dating sites than women. But women are closing the gap.
Nearly 50 percent of men and women break up via email with someone they met online.
For men, looks are most important. For women, personality is most important.
More than 50 percent of Americans have dated more than one person at the same time.
In Presidential races, the majority of singles vote Democrat while the majority of married couples vote Republican.
15 percent of adults will never marry.
100 million people over the age of 18 are single in America.
 There are more single women than men, but more men use online dating services than women.
 Nearly 20% of all marriages are from people who met via online dating.
 The busiest times for online dating services are November, December, and January.
 According to eHarmony, 43 percent of online daters find poor grammar to be a turnoff.

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