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Online Dating Twitter Feed - Date Ideas( Date Ideas ) There are more than 3,000 followers to the Online Dating Magazine Twitter account. One of the reasons is the daily date ideas. Every day, Online Dating Magazine posts a new date idea to its Twitter account.  At the end of the month, all the ideas are archived onto Online Dating Magazine. You can get the date ideas daily by following Online Dating Magazine on Twitter. In the meantime, enjoy the following date ideas that were archived from the May 2013 Online Dating Magazine Twitter feed.

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Date Ideas…

Go to the beach at night with glow sticks. Throw them in the waves and they’ll come back. Dispose properly! 
Visit your local science museum. There’s lots of fun stuff to do together there! 
Volunteer! Whether a homeless shelter or building project, your date becomes something much bigger.  
Factory Tour – many factories give free tours and goodies. Look up ones close to you to visit. 
Go Neon bowling. Most bowling alleys offer it now and it’s quite a bit of fun. 
Play a round of Disc Golf (Google it – also called Frisbee Golf) 
Can’t settle on a date? Put 7 ideas in a bowl and have your date draw one. 
Snow tubing can be a great date for winter. Search for local places that offer it.  
Rent Segways and enjoy the thrill of both of you trying something new for the first date. 
Instead of an evening first date, try an early morning first date by going out to breakfast. 
Do you have a local or state fair going on? It’s a great place to take a date. 
Find a place that allows you to pick fruit and enjoy the experience together. 
Go to a local amusement center and challenge each other to foosball and air hockey. 
Dine at a carhop spot where the food is brought out to you on trays connected to your window. 
Go through Kickstarter campaigns and choose one (that has a shared reward) to invest in. 
 Create a “drive in movie theatre” out of your garage and driveway. 
Go demo food samples at your local big Costco (or similar) store. 
Near Christmas, walk through the most decorated neighborhood. 
Rent a two-person bike and ride around the city, taking in the sites. Wear deodorant.  

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