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Online Dating Twitter Feed - Date Ideas(  Date Ideas ) Online Dating Magazine has a very active Twitter account with more than 3,000 followers. One of the reasons is that every day of the year, Online Dating Magazine publishes a new date idea. Have you ever strained to come up with a good date idea? Well now you have 365 a year to select from. Just follow us on Twitter to see a new one every day. Then, at the end of every month, the ideas will be published on Online Dating Magazine, giving you access to a  bulk of ideas in one spot.

The “date idea a day” program launched on the Online Dating Magazine Twitter page on April 24, 2013. So for the month of April, there were 7 date ideas tweeted on Twitter that have now been archived below.

Creative Date Ideas…

Studies show action dates increase bond. Try an amusement park, mini golf, or laser tag.
Go to a comedy club. Not only is laughter the best medicine, it also makes your date better.
Go to your local zoo. It’s outdoors and there are a lot of fun experiences to share. 
Go Wii Bowling. It’s a lot of fun. Just make sure the strap for the remote is on your wrist. 
Go to IKEA and pretend that you live there.
Go to an art gallery and compare your interpretations of each work of art. 

Dress as a tourist and explore your town as a tourist. You’re likely to find out new things!

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