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eHarmony Tiger Woods TV Commercial Spoof

Would you like to find everlasting love? Do you want that everlasting harmony? Well so do celebrities, which is why Tiger Woods originally used eHarmony… er… eHarmonious to find his wife Elin. And they’ve been happy ever sin… wait… I just been told that is no longer the case. Well, at least they were happy…

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Funny eHarmony Spoof – Lowered Expectations

This is a funny spoof of eHarmony and its “white backdrop” TV commercials. In this spoof, online dating service Lowered Expectations invites you to join their service where they randomly draw names in order to match people. Now, be honest, would you like to go out on a date or sit home playing World of…

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Adam and Eve on eHarmony (Eve Harmony)

This is one of the most clever eHarmony spoofs we’ve ever seen. Titled “EveHarmony” the commercial is narrated not by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, but a much higher authority. As it goes, Eve was looking to be matched up with a guy, so she joined EveHarmony. As it turns out, there was a match –…

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eHarmony TV Commercial Spoof

This is a funny spoof of those eHarmony commercials with Dr. Neil Clark Warren and couples appearing on a white background.  This shows you some more very happy couples… well… except a guy is getting irritated at his girlfriend interrupting him… and another guy learning that his girlfriend has an STD… at least the guy…

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eHarmony Commercial Spoof – pHarmony

At pHarmony there are many important dimensions of compatibility like laughter and hands. But while pHarmony looks like a great dating service, there is something a bit different about it. Could it be what the “p” in “pHarmony” stands for? Here is another funny eHarmony spoof. In this case, there is something you get for…

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