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Online Dating Lies – Online Dating Tonight

Tonight’s episode of Online Dating Tonight is a big one because it deals with a major problem in the online dating industry – people lying in their profiles. More than 50% of people lie in their profile. Some are major (married people posing as single), but the most are little white lies about weight, height,…

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Online Dating Tips – Online Dating Tonight

Here is Episode 6 of Online Dating Tonight – the animated talk show about online dating. This episode is about online dating tips. The special guest is Lela, an online dating expert who shares eight tips about online dating from when you sign up to the first date. This is also the first episode to…

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Charlie Sheen – Online Dating Tonight

Wow – what strings did Cassandra have to pull to land Charlie Sheen on Online Dating Tonight? This episode is so hot that it is appearing two days early (before the normal Tuesday night publishing schedule). Be sure to Like this video and tell your friends that Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth has lodged into…

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Online Dating Tonight – Online Dating Scams

Welcome to the second episode of Online Dating Tonight, brought to you by Online Dating Magazine. In this episode, host Cassandra interviews an inmate about online dating scams and online dating scammers. Online dating scams is a huge business and scammers make millions of dollars a year defrauding online daters from their pocketbooks. It’s important…

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Online Dating Tonight – Online Dating Statistics

Welcome to the premiere episode of Online Dating Magazine’s animated online dating talk show, “Online Dating Tonight”. Every Tuesday night (at 5pm PST) a new episode will be posted. Your host, Cassandra, has a lot to talk about and a lot of guests to interview. In this first episode, Cassandra and guest Alex talk about…

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