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Inspectors Check Out Online Daters in Person

online dating inspection

[button link=”” type=”icon” icon=”rss” newwindow=”yes”] News Source: Online Dating Magazine – September 2, 2013[/button] Would you subject yourself to an in-person inspection before being allowed to go on a date with someone? If WeGoLook has its way, the answer is yes. The company has launched a new service where they go meet your potential date, take…

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Online Dating Scams Pulled by US Citizens Too

When you hear about romance and online dating scams, the first thing that usually comes to mind is “Nigeria” as that is where most online dating scams originate. But a growing number of these scams are now being hatched by Americans too. In the scam, they romance you from a distance then ask for money…

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Online Dating Romance Scam Infographic

Romance Scams Infographic

The following infographic, created by Online Dating Magazine, touches on the subject of online dating scams and romance scams that result in hundreds of millions of dollars being lost from victims. Feel free to grab this infographic and put it on your Website or blog. You can also link to it via: Related: Romance Scams…

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New Zealanders Lose Hundreds of Thousands to Romance Scams

(August 22, 2012) New Zealanders (Kiwis) are losing $674,000 a year to online dating scams according to NetSafe, which has a self-reporting tracking tool for the reporting of Internet scams. When taking into account those who are scammed and don’t report it, the number is likely more than $1 million a year. According to Online Dating…

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Rapper Tim Dog Used Online Dating to Scam People

(June 25, 2012) For many years rapper Timothy Blair, known as Tim Dog, had an apparent secret way of padding his income. He would use online dating services to woo women, then get them to invest in a “music project” he was working on with promises of returns that never occurred. It seemed like a…

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