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Krissy Poet Rants About Online Dating Usernames

Krissy Poet

Upcoming songwriter, producer, and entertainer Krissy Poet has taken to YouTube to rant about the types of usernames that men select for their online dating profile. These are the sexually suggestive ones, but rather the “what?” ones like “duckdynastyhomeboy”. What makes this video great – and will ultimately be the success of Krissy Poet’s channel…

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Big Red Mascot Online Dating Video

Big Red - Mascot for Western Kentucky University

Big Red is the official mascot of Western Kentucky University. In 2011, universities were tasked with making entertaining mascot videos as part of the CapitalOne Mascot Challenge contest. Western Kentucky University decided to go with an online dating theme for its video. Is it possible for a big red odd-looking mascot to find love online?…

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Online Dating for Dummies

If you thought Online Dating for Dummies was just a book, think again. In this video two real-life dummies want to talk about online dating. The problem is that they used to be in a relationship with each other and that is interfering with their ability to provide us with a nice educational lesson about…

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eTherapy – eHarmony First Date

Where do you like to go on a first date? To a coffee place? Restaurant? Miniature golf? How about a relationship therapist? In this funny video, a couple who met on eHarmony decide that a great first date idea would be to see a therapist, that way they can get all their issues worked on…

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Jay Malone Comedy – Dating

This is a stand up comedy routine by comedian Jay Malone where he talks about dating in general and why he doesn’t do Internet dating. We’ve transcribed his Internet dating joke which you can find below the video. Jay Malone is a comedian who got his start in Canada in 1999. After touring the country…

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MadTV’s eHarmony Spoof

The following video is from an episode of MadTV where they did a spoof / parody on The video was produced like the older eHarmony commercials, with a couple in front of a solid screen talking about their relationship. In this video a woman talks about how she was able to find the perfect…

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The Online Dating Song

In this video, Kim Townsend sings a funny online dating song in which she relates the reality that when you are communicating with someone online, you truly don’t know anything about the person on the other end of the computer screen. A lot of creative reality comes out of funny songs sometimes, so while this…

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