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Fishbowl of Love 06 – The Checklist

This is the final episode of the Fishbowl of Love series. Originally it was intended to be an ongoing series. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough YouTube views to keep the project going. So the six episodes that were originally created were all that aired. This sixth episode is titled The Checklist. Beverly is excited to “discover”…

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Fishbowl of Love 05 – Best Date Ever

In the first four episodes of Fishbowl of Love, Beverly had one disaster date after another. The poor girl was way overdue for a good date. And finally, she gets the Best Date Ever (title of episode). It starts with a guy she met online showing up at her door to pick her up (note…

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Fishbowl of Love 04 – Suave Maga

In this episode of Fishbowl of Love we find out that Beverly does a good job of meeting creepy guys. Too bad we don’t know what online dating service she is using so that we can run the other way. She’s supposed to meet the guy at a coffee shop in Tarzana (California), but they…

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Fishbowl of Love 03 – Red Flag

In this third episode of the Fishbowl of Love series, Beverly’s neighbor learns what “sexting” means. The episode is titled “Red Flag”. Beverly is talking on the phone to a friend when she gets a call waiting beep. It’s a guy she had been chatting with on an Internet dating site. He wants to know…

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Fishbowl of Love 02 – Captain Hollywood

This is the second episode of the Fishbowl of Love series. If you haven’t seen the pilot episode, click here to see it. In this episode, titled “Captain Hollywood”, Beverly finds herself on another Internet date, this time with a guy who can’t stop talking… about himself. He talks about the stuff he is doing,…

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Fishbowl of Love 01 – Poetic Justice

Last year a group got together to try and start a new Web video series called “Fishbowl of Love“. Fishbowl of Love follows the Internet dating adventures of Beverly. She recently moved into an apartment and immediately befriends a neighbor who she shares all of her dating adventures with. The series is well produced and…

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