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First Date Ideas

Here are 28 first date ideas that are nicely categorized as inexpensive, expensive, and extravagant. And if you can afford extravagant then your date is lucky!

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Steve Harvey’s Online Dating Tips

April 7, 2014 Steve Harvey recently dedicated an episode of his show to online dating. For the episode, he tackles the subject of trying online dating for the first time along with the subject of that nerve-wracking first date. The episode follows the online dating adventures of 31-year old Chundria who has never tried online…

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Short Internet Dating Film – The First Date

Having met on an online dating service, a guy and a girl chat about their first date and what their expectations are. They even visualize how it will be. It’s an online date – what can go wrong? This short film, called “The First Date” was written, filmed, edited, and released in only 24 hours.…

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Funny First Date Online Dating Video

When it comes to online dating, one of the most anticipated and stressful aspects is that first meeting. You’ve been communicating online and now you are about to meet. But you wonder if the person will be anything like he/she was in their profile. Did they lie about their height, weight, or even photo? The…

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