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Taking Online Dating Offline – Advice for Men

In this video, dating coach for men, DeAnna Lorraine, talks about how (and why) a guy can take online dating into the real dating world. Her tips include: 1) Never “wink” or “flirt” with a girl because it is passive-agressive and women want you to take the initiative to send a message. You’ll get more…

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Woman Shares Online Dating Tips in Video

The last video we posted was from a woman who was traumatized from her first online dating experience. In this video we meet a woman who shares tips for men to get better results via online dating services. And that means not instant messaging, “how naughty are you?” ┬áThere are some good tips in this…

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Survey Shows What to Wear on Summer Date

(July 8, 2011) has completed a major survey of its users that discover what people do and don’t like when it comes to what their date wears for a summer date. The results? Hawaiian shirts on men – out. Polo shirts and khakis on men – in. Women prefer their date to wear a…

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First Date Tips

First Date Tips Video

First dates can be a bit scary, but lucky Dr. Paul Vehorn has produced several videos here that can help you get past the first date jitters and achieve first date success…

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First Date Body Language

One way to judge how a first date is going is by reading the body language of the person you are with. Here are some valuable tips to help you decipher the meaning of your date’s body language…

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Online Dating Tips Interview with Stefan Springman

This video is an interview with Stefan Springman, host of the TV show, “Can’t Get a Date”. In this interview, Stefan shares some of his observations, tips, and advice when it comes to online dating. He also highlights what people lie about the most in their online dating profiles. The interview is conducted by Lisa…

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First Date Dating Tips for Men

first date tips for men

The below video is very well done, however the title may be slightly misleading. The official title of the video is “Manners & Grooming for Shy Guys”. In actuality the video should have been titled, “First Date Tips for Men”. First, the video creators seem to look over a lot of the problems shy people…

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