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Lizette Mizelle’s Online Dating Comedy Routine

Lizette Mizelle is a funny stand-up comedian who is gaining in popularity. She has appeared on several TV shows and has even opened for acts like Dana Carvey. On the plus side, all of her acts are clean, making them “family friendly” and easy to share. In this particular routine, Lizette Mizelle starts off by…

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Jay Malone Comedy – Dating

This is a stand up comedy routine by comedian Jay Malone where he talks about dating in general and why he doesn’t do Internet dating. We’ve transcribed his Internet dating joke which you can find below the video. Jay Malone is a comedian who got his start in Canada in 1999. After touring the country…

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Short Funny Movie – Online Dating Profile

This is a short funny movie about a guy who gets his roommate to help him make his online dating profile. They start with the picture then move on to filling out the questionnaire and test. While funny, there’s actually some truth to what you see in the video (which adds to the humor). For…

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Melinda Hill’s Online Dating Joke

This is a short 35 second clip from a stand-up comedy routine by Melinda Hill in which she talks about religion and online dating. We’ve posted a transcript of what she said below the video. Online Dating Joke by Melinda Hill httpv:// Transcript “My dad is Irish Catholic and my mom is Protestant so… that…

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