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Reader Review of eHarmony - 12
The following is a reader review of eHarmony. How has your experience been? Click here to submit your review.

Reader Review Submitted By: Felicity Percell
Gender: Female
Age: 35

Dating Site:
Rating: 5 (out of 10)

I have very mixed emotions about the site. On the one hand it does seem to offer something very unique in that there is sucha detailed, in depth personality analysis. I mean, for those of us who really do want to find a deep down connection and real love, it just appeals to the logical, anylitical side of our brains. It just makes sense that yes, yes, of course, 29 in depth points of anylasis, it must be good..., but then there is the question of the gut. My gut level smarts tell me that I am usually attracted to person initially by their looks. Now keep in mind that you do not get to view any of your potential all, until you have entered the open communication stage. Fifty bucks is a lot to risk if, after getting all excited about how compatible you may be with this new potential match, and then, after, let's say a few days to a few weeks of off and on communication, you finally get to see their picture, and you are just smashed (not in a good way), not smitten, no, rather smashed, a whole different analogy, you are looking at this picture going... ew.... yuck, bleck, you gotta be kidding. They ( don't give you a chance to see the goods until after you have paid them thier fifty bucks. They hold out this carrot of hope, dangle it in front of your nose, with a promise of ultra compatibility based on firm logic and science, not gut feelings, intuition, and common sense... and you think, "there has gotta be something to this," until you finally get to see the guys that would be desperate enough to pay fifty bucks to talk to ladies they themselves have not seen either. And any guy who is willing to go through that much work to meet you, well, he is a "nice guy", and most nice guys make great friends, but where, oh where is the chemistry?

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