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Reader Review of eHarmony - 09
The following is a reader review of eHarmony. How has your experience been? Click here to submit your review.

Reader Review Submitted By: Mary Ed
Gender: Female
Age: 57

Dating Site:
Rating: 1 (out of 10)

I see many paid less than I did -- I paid the full 3 month price thinking that guaranteed me 3 absolute mathes. I have 4 college degrees and am a rather successful person. Here is what I got for my price -- oh, they gave me three matches all right -- and I am a rather attractive lady too, I might add!

Match #1 lived miles and miles from my home. How could I build a relationship with such a person? I never even made contact. I had two more coming.

Match #2 was a high school dropout who had never owned a car. Hmmm... He did live in my city -- the bad part of town. I had one more match coming for my membership price...

Match #3 was not a member and I could not communicate with him. had now fulfilled their end of my contract. I wrote and complained about being ripped off. They extended my membership for one more month.

Match #4 was not a member and I could not communicate with him. I had 10 days left in my one month extension.

Match #5 had a college education and a job, plus he lived in my city. However, he did not communicate other than one or two sentences. I find matches men with so many choices and women with almost none -- so I guess he was too busy with those women 10 and 15 years younger than he to communicate with someone his own age.

Did I get 3 real matches? I don't think so. I think they took my $100 and "fulfilled" their contract. I even wonder if Match#5 was a real person. . . I know I sound cynical -- but I think eharmony milks its clients and does not deliver as they advertise.

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