Online Dating – The New Normal

Online Dating: The New Normal is a journalistic news video on the impact online dating and technology has had in society’s search for love. The video was created by¬†Arielle Hixson as her capstone project towards her Masters in Professional Studies of Journalism at Georgetown University.

What’s enlightening is how many people will admit to using online dating services to “hook up” but end up finding a relationship instead (or in addition to). The video shows how mainstream online dating has become despite there still being some confusion and resistance.

One of the best quotes in the video is from eFlirt Expert’s Lori Davis. “The user behavior is really what’s changed so much. And I think because of that; that’s why we’re seeing so much innovation happening in this industry right now. New sites, new apps, and new ways for people to meet using technology because we’ve changed.”

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Online Dating: The New Normal


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