The Single Life Episode 3 – Investigate Your Date

This third episode of The Single Life is called “Before You Date Investigate.” However, a more appropriate title may have been “Fast-Forward” since the episode begins “Six Months Later.” For those wanting to see the relationship between Kip and Lisa develop… sorry. It’s time to move on to their friends, Carly and Brent. Here are the details of the third episode…

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Series:  The Single Life
Episode: Season 1, Episode 3 (watch episode below)
Title: The Single Life – Before You Date Investigate
Description: Fast forward six months and now its time for Kip and Lisa’s friends to be set up.
Favorite Quote: “Dating means that I have to, like, wash my hair and get dressed… and try.”
Our Rating: 2/5 Stars (See our review under the video)

The Single Life

Watch Episode: Before You Date Investigate


Our Review
Episode 3 of The Single Life is the most disappointing so far. The main reason is because the creators felt they should “rush” the series by fast-forwarding six months. It’s really disappointing that they didn’t take the time to develop Kip and Lisa’s relationship. Instead they are already focused on setting up Kip and Lisa’s friends with each other now. If Kip and Lisa are supposed to be the “main” characters in this series, then Glamour failed big time by not allowing us to see the development of their relationship to this point. They skipped the first date, first fight, first gift, romance, everything!

43% of singles have Googled someone before a first date. Click To Tweet

Popup factoid of the day: “43% of singles have Googled someone before a first date.” We’re surprised that the number is actually higher. Another fun factoid from the episode: “Dates that were set up by friends and family are twice as likely to result in a relationship.”

While still fun, the episode went too fast (skipping six months) too soon and for that reason we give it 2 out of 5 stars.

2 out of 5 stars


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