The Single Life Episode 2 – Will He Email?

This is the second episode of The Single Life, an online dating comedy series created by Glamour. If you missed the first episode you can watch it here. As you recall, Kip and Lisa were two singles looking for love online. They may have fibbed a bit on their profiles, but ultimately found each other online and decided to send each other a message through the online dating service. That brings us to the second episode, where the two eligible lovers prepare for a potential meeting…

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Series:  The Single Life
Episode: Season 1, Episode 2 (watch episode below)
Title: The Single Life – Will He Email? Will She Call?
Description: Kip and Lisa take the next step (preparing to meet in person)
Favorite Quote: “We go for casual drinks. I take her to to the top of the hill and I sing ‘Cry Baby Cry’… Bing, Bom, Boom, Bop.”
Our Rating: 3/5 Stars (See our review under the video)

The Single Life

Watch Episode: The Single Life – Will He Email? Will She Call?


Our Review
Episode 2 of “The Single Life” is another enjoyable look at the adventures of singles Kip and Lisa. Unfortunately, the episode suffers from one major problem – it’s way too rushed. We went from Kip and Lisa finding each others profile at the end of episode 1 to them meeting at the end of episode 2.  It even “fast forwards” to the first kiss! Sadly, the series rushed through what could have been a couple of great episodes of building anticipation to that first meeting. The process of online dating doesn’t stop when you see a person’s profile that you like. That’s when the process gets really intriguing. “The Single Life” missed the opportunity to really capitalize on that, choosing instead to “rush” the whole process in order to get to the meeting. For that reason, we docked two stars in our rating of this episode.

Like with the first episode, The Single Life had some interesting online dating factoid “pop-ups” to go with the story. The most interesting factoid was, “Women are afraid of meeting a serial killer online while men are afraid of meeting someone ‘fat’.” It’s amazing how different the minds of men and women work!

Women are afraid of meeting a serial killer online while men are afraid of meeting someone 'fat' Click To Tweet

Another interesting factoid was “The #1 thing men judge women on is their teeth, #2 is grammar, and #3 is hair.”

The Single Life continues to be a fun series, but because it seems to be rushing, we give this particular episode 3 out of 5 stars.

3 out of 4 stars

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