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The Single Life is an online dating Web series, produced by Glamour, that follows the adventures of two new online daters, Kip and Lisa. Both sign up for an online dating service and within days they are struck by each others profile. This series follows their adventure as Kip and Lisa go from online dating newbies to potential lovers and more…

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Series:  The Single Life
Episode: Season 1, Episode 1 (watch episode below)
Title: The Single Life – You Can’t Date Online Without a Profile
Description: Kip and Lisa Begin Their Search for Love Online
Favorite Quote: “This is great! I can go shopping for women. Just Add to Cart.”
Our Rating: 4/5 Stars (See our review under the video)

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The Single Life

Watch Episode: The Single Life – You Can’t Date Online Without a Profile


Our Review
The Single Life is a refreshingly great Web-based dating show which follows the adventures of Lisa and Kip as they search for love online and beyond. Created by Glamour, the series is stylish, funny, and includes little pop-up facts (some may find those distracting to following the story).

The Single Life Episode 1The pilot episode of The Single Life begins with Lisa and her friend setting up an online dating profile for Lisa. Meanwhile, across town, Kip and his buddy are creating an online dating profile for him. The episode is produced well, but could have been edited slightly better, particularly when Kip and his friend are talking about describing the ideal first date. He immediately says “on this one I think I’m gonna have to lie” then daydreams about meeting her at her house and immediately making out with her. For a better effect, he should have had his daydream sequence first and then said, “on this one I think I’m gonna have to lie.” The impact would have been much stronger.

Throughout the episode, online dating facts pop up on screen. Some people will find this informative and educational while others may find them annoying and drawing attention away from the story. Our take is that they are a great addition for online daters looking to get more from The Single Life than just laughs. An example of one of the facts that pops up is when Kip is lying on his profile. A factoid pops up saying, “Four things men lie most about on their profiles: height, income, pictures, and sexuality.” That’s interesting information for an online dater to know.

The Single Life is fun, entertaining, humorous, and educational. It’s rare to see online dating presented in an enjoyable fashion. The Single Life is off to a promising start, which is why we give the first episode 4 out 5 stars.

4 out of 5 Stars


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