Nigerian Online Dating Scams

Nigerian online dating scams are extremely popular and one of the reasons for that is that many victims fall prey to the increasingly sophisticated scams. There are a lot of myths when it comes to Nigerian online dating scams.

Myth: The person will say they are from Nigeria.
Fact: The scams now lie about location. They may say they are from the UK, United States, or anywhere. And the picture they post won’t be a Nigerian photo. It will be a fake photo of someone else. They will lead you to believe they are from a fake place until they get you to fall in love with them. Then they’ll have an excuse for “traveling” to Nigeria, where an “emergency” will arise and they’ll need money. By then your heart is invested.

Myth: Nigerian scammers only communicate with you online.
Fact: Nigerian scammers will now send you mail, use Skype, and even talk to you on the phone. They will do whatever it takes to convince you they are someone they are not. But in the end they still need you to send them money in Nigeria (where the majority of scams take place).

Below is a news video of one lady who fell victim to the Nigerian online dating scams where she sent thousands of dollars to a scammer pretending to be someone else.

Nigerian Online Dating Scams


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