60 Minutes Australia – Catching an Online Dating Scammer

Every month, Australians lose $10 million to online dating scammers who live in other countries and create fake profiles to woo them (see our special Romance Scam section). 60 Minutes Australia sought to capture one such scammer who moved from Nigeria to Malaysia to build a scam business. The following video gives an inside glimpse into how one Australian woman is caught up in a scam while undercover police seek to catch the scammer. The special report is called “The Love Trap” and demonstrates that some people are so lonely that even after being scammed once, they are ripe to be scammed again…

60 Minutes Australia Catching an Online Dating Scammer from Malaysia

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Some of our favorite quotes from the special:

“The Golden Rule is that if you’ve met him online and they ask for money, it is a scam.”
~ Julia Robson, DateScreen (now called CupidScreen)

“If you can’t see the whites of their eyes and they’re not buying you a drink, don’t talk to them.”
~ 60 Minutes Australia Reporter/Host 


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