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Here is the third episode of Online Dating Tonight. You can see that we’ve made some cosmetic changes to the show. First off, there are no more letterboxing (black bars on the top and bottom of the video). This makes it easier for mobile users to view the videos on their phones. In addition, the titling has changed a bit. Of course, unlike CBS, we’re not getting rid of our anchor (Cassandra)!

This episode deals with Online Dating Safety Tips. The special guest is Damien and he provides five insights into dating safely online. One can never be “too safe” when it comes to online dating. BTW, Online Dating Magazine has several good “Online Dating Safety Tips” articles. Simply type in “safety” in the search box to the right to find them.

Next week, Cassandra answers reader online dating questions, so be sure to send them in! Also, if you are a Webmaster, be sure to embed the video on your Website. It can bring you extra publicity. How? For one, we keep our YouTube stats public on the YouTube page and it links to the sites that have the most video views. Second, based on those statistics, Cassandra will be giving “shout outs” to the sites that provide the most video views. The YouTube page for this video is here.

Online Dating Tonight – Online Dating Safety Tips


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