Online Dating – Read the Terms of Service

Some of the companies that receive the most complaints from the Better Business Bureau are online dating services. The main reason is for the automated billing practices. But the dating services are usually always cleared in such cases because the practices are outlined in the Terms of Service that you agree to before signing up. That small print that virtually no one ever reads can contain some vital information that may cause you to have second thoughts before clicking the “Agree” button.

KATU News did an investigative report on one such company in Portland, Oregon. The company, called Revamp, uses both online and offline means to help you “find love”. They help you with your online profile, do background checks, and even sometimes hold events for members. This can be yours for $1,000+. You are required to sign a contract and Terms of Service that you would likely never add your signature to if you read it first. For example, not only does the Terms of Service say that it does not give refunds, but it also says that you cannot even ask for a refund! Here’s the KATU story:

Online Dating – Read the Terms of Service


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