Online Dating Gaining Popularity in South Africa

Online dating is growing in popularity in South Africa. In this ENCA report, anchor Narissa Subramoney explores the appeal and dangers of online dating in South Africa.

South Africa Online Dating


Transcript of South Africa Online Dating News Story

For the believers, Thursday is going to be filled with romance. 24-year old Prudy Mbele is one of those people who is looking forward to sharing Valentines Day with her sweetheart. But she’s had to kiss more than a few frogs before meeting Prince Charming. And as a result, she is one of thousands of South Africans who have ventured into online dating.

(Mbele) With conventional dating you’d find someone saying ‘no it’s not you, it’s me; I’m not ready for a relationship; I’m not ready for a commitment’.

Mbele says she found that online dating eliminated the heartbreak factor.

(Mbele) Online, somebody views your profile because they want to be with you and they want to know you better. If they don’t want to be with you then they wouldn’t try any means to communicate with you.

The virtual dating world is now a 35 million rand (South African currency) business with users across the country. But online dating is not all roses and like everything else on the Web, it has a downside. Some people use it as a way to scam unsuspecting users out of money or to find extramarital affairs. Dating Websites advise love seekers to take their time and get to know their potential partner before disclosing contact details or deciding to meet in person.

(David Burstein – The Dating Lab) Nobody really falls in love online in a week. So if the person you are corresponding with is just over the top, I’d be a little suspect about their behavior.

Burstein says setting up a dating profile is very much like uploading a love CD and advises people to think about how they can market themselves in order to get the best results.

It’s quite clear that the online dating phenomenon puts love literally at your fingertips. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, who knows;  your dream partner could be just a click away.

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