Online Dating Attractive to Young Adults

Fox29 out of Philadelphia recently aired a great segment on how young adults are finding online dating to be an attractive option. The four-minute news feature tries to break down why the popularity of online dating has now penetrated a younger crowd.

“It used to be that online dating was something for adults only,” starts the report. “Now students, college aged, sometimes even younger are headed to the Web. But why exactly? And what are they looking for?”

The report cites “efficiency” and “time” as a main reason for the rise of online dating popularity in younger adults. It says students are looking for one of three things:

1) The more serious sites (i.e. and eHarmony)
2) Casual dating sites – nothing serious.
3) Hookup sites.

The report cites efficiency and time as a main reason for the rise of online dating... Click To Tweet

The news report is embedded directly below:

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