Online Dating France – A France24 Report

France 24 Report on Online Dating - 2012This special news segment is from France24, a news media network offering a French perspective on world events. In this segment, they tackle the topic of online dating.

The report, while informative, seems to lack focus. It jumps around topics like a kangaroo on caffeine. Luckily it’s still enjoyable to watch. Two insights from the report include:

1) Dating online is not shopping on Amazon. It’s work. You don’t just click and order a date.

2) Dating on the online world is like dating in the offline world. An example is that online it’s generally still the guy asking the girl out, just like offline.

We do have a correction on one aspect of this report. In an interview with the founder of Attractive World, the founder says they are the first online dating service to put a “selection process” into effect. That’s not true as there have been many sites, going back several years, who have had a membership-vote or selection process in order to get in.

France Online Dating Report – France24


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