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The Heart MachineThe Heart Machine is a movie about two people who meet online and begin a relationship without having ever met. The independent movie tracks the relationship between Cody, who lives in Brooklyn, and Virginia who is in Berlin. However, soon Cody becomes obsessed with doubts that Virginia really is in Berlin. And he becomes almost psycho in trying to prove it to himself (i.e. comparing siren noises from his Skype session with her to siren noises from Berlin emergency vehicles).

The Heart Machine is the debut feature of Zachary Wigon. A review of the movie by Variety calls Wigon’s debut “impressive”.

About the movie, Variety says, “The film is unfailing stylish, at times applying an almost classical style of craft to a consummately digital-age story, with cleverly deployed tracking shots and moody nocturnal lensing.”

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The Heart Machine premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March in Austin, Texas. While it didn’t win any awards, the movie did gain additional attention as it ramps up to a wider release later this summer.

Below is The Heart Machine trailer and a couple of interviews about the movie.

The Heart Machine Trailer


The Heart Machine Crew Talks About Online Dating Dos and Don’ts


The Heart Machine Interview with Young Hollywood


The Heart Machine Movie Credits:

Writer/Director: Zachary Wigon
Producer: Lucas Joaquin, Alex Scharfman
Director of Photography: Rob Leitzell
Production Design: Alexandra Schaller
Editor: Louise Ford, Ron Dulin
Costume Designer: Tere Duncan
Executive Producers: Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen, Jordan Lewis, Abe Schwartz, Eric Schultz, Andrew Kelley

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