The Hitman Tries Online Dating

On YouTube there’s a video series called “The Hitman” that follows the daily adventures of a hitman in documentary form (i.e. The Office). In Episode 9, the hitman decides to check out a service called eHarm. eHarm is a service that matches hitmen with their victims and allows them to better get to know their victims before… well… you get the point.

So the hitman goes to Google and types in “eHarm”. He then goes to the site and fills out his personality profile. Only after doing so does he realize that Google didn’t direct him to eHarm, but rather to the online dating service eHarmony. He decides to go with it to see what happens – after all, hitmen need to find love too.

As he begins using eHarmony, he is contacted by a persistent woman who comes across sort of like a stalker. Deciding to take his chances, the hitman agrees to go on a date with her and arrives at her house to pick her up. What could possibly go wrong?…

The Hitman Tries Online Dating

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