Fishbowl of Love 06 – The Checklist

This is the final episode of the Fishbowl of Love series. Originally it was intended to be an ongoing series. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough YouTube views to keep the project going. So the six episodes that were originally created were all that aired.

This sixth episode is titled The Checklist. Beverly is excited to “discover” that her neighbor is gay and she excitedly proclaims, “I finally have a gay best friend!” But that may not be the case. As the air clears, Beverly moves on to what she does best – telling her neighbor about her dating adventures. She goes on a date with a guy to see a movie in the park and every time she talks, he writes stuff in a notebook. She asks him what he’s doing and he says “business”. After grabbing the notebook she sees that the guy has a checklist of qualities that his dates must meet. So she turns the table and creates her own.

This final episode is titled, The Checklist. Congrats to the cast and crew of this series who we list after the video.

Fishbowl of Love – The Checklist


Fishbowl of Love

Beverly – Brittany Samson
Danjit – Jorge Luis Abreu
All her bad dates – variety of men

Mindi Plat
Elizabeth Mohun
Kimberly Stiles

Produced by:
Brittany Samson
Chris Darkes

Written by:
Alex Brodsky

Hair & Makeup
Ashley Hayes

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