Fishbowl of Love 04 – Suave Maga

In this episode of Fishbowl of Love we find out that Beverly does a good job of meeting creepy guys. Too bad we don’t know what online dating service she is using so that we can run the other way.

She’s supposed to meet the guy at a coffee shop in Tarzana (California), but they both seem to have gone to a different place. Beverly tells her neighbor that the guy threatened to harm her if she was wrong. The neighbor’s shocked until she says she embellished the details to make the story more interesting. So what happens when her and her date get together at the right place? They have a very enlightening and in-depth conversation. For example:

Beverly: “So what do you like to do?”

Guy: “Things”

Wow. Things! The guy then brags about knowing 50 ways to kill a man before the man ever hits the ground.

Poor Beverly. This episode is titled Suave Maga.

Fishbowl of Love – Suave Maga


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