Fishbowl of Love 03 – Red Flag

In this third episode of the Fishbowl of Love series, Beverly’s neighbor learns what “sexting” means. The episode is titled “Red Flag”. Beverly is talking on the phone to a friend when she gets a call waiting beep. It’s a guy she had been chatting with on an Internet dating site. He wants to know if she wants to meet up… despite it being 10:30 at night. So off she goes on another adventure that only Beverly could endure. She meets up with him – along with his wingman – and the guy turns out to be quite sappy.

He places his arm around Beverly and says, “hey, you know where we are right now?”

“Where?” responds Beverly.

“We’re in the spot where I first put my arm around you,” he replies.

Sounds like a real winner, huh? Hopefully none of you have had a date this bad. Be sure to leave your comments in the Comments area below the video.

Fishbowl of Love – Red Flag


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