Fishbowl of Love 01 – Poetic Justice

Last year a group got together to try and start a new Web video series called “Fishbowl of Love“. Fishbowl of Love follows the Internet dating adventures of Beverly. She recently moved into an apartment and immediately befriends a neighbor who she shares all of her dating adventures with.

The series is well produced and the hope was that the videos would catch on and they would be able to continue production. To test the waters, six episodes of Fishbowl of Love were created. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough views or publicity to continue the series. Although we learned about the series a bit later from the initial launch, we’re pleased to bring to you all six episodes and would like your opinion as to if the series should have continued. Feel free to use the Comments section below to share your thoughts.

The first episode is called “Poetic Justice” and it introduces us to Beverly and her new neighbor. Beverly wastes no time at all making herself at home with the neighbor and sharing her dating stories with him. Her first story is about her date with a guy who seems more interested in his fantasy football stats than in his date.

Fishbowl of Love – Poetic Justice


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