Dating Short Film – Love Sick

Have you ever had that feeling that “this is the one”? You spot someone and you just know it is meant to be? That’s how it is with the guy in this short film.

Titled “Love Sick”, this award-winning short film tracks the adventures of one guy who truly believes in love at first site. When that belief is questioned, however, his thoughts get the best of him…

“Maybe Justin Beiber was right. Maybe there was no Juliet for this Romeo. No Meg Ryan for this Tom Hanks…”

This short film has won several awards, including Grand Jury Winner at the Fringe Film Festival 2011 and Utah Short Film of the Year at Fear No Film 2011.

Written and directed by Kevin Lacy this short film stars Josh Cameron as a man just looking for his true love… to the point that he is Love Sick…

Love Sick Short Film


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