Jay Malone Comedy – Dating

This is a stand up comedy routine by comedian Jay Malone where he talks about dating in general and why he doesn’t do Internet dating. We’ve transcribed his Internet dating joke which you can find below the video.

Jay Malone is a comedian who got his start in Canada in 1999. After touring the country doing comedy festivals and gaining in popularity, he eventually moved to Los Angeles. Not only is he well known as a stand up comedian, but he’s also gaining popularity as a cartoonist too.

In this stand-up comedy routine, Jay Malone talks about dating when you have a beat-up car, Internet dating, and trying to date when you’re in your 30s. Enjoy…

Jay Malone Comedy – Dating


Internet Dating Joke
People are Internet dating. Right? A lot of people Internet dating. A lot of people doing that; whatever. I don’t know if I can do that, right? Because if you’re Internet dating, basically what you’re admitting to the world is:

I couldn’t find anybody for myself. My friends couldn’t find anyone for me, so now I’m asking my computer if it knows anyone.

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