George Takei Talks Online Dating

George Takei Talks About Online DatingThere is a niche online dating service called And while you won’t find George Takei on that service, he doesn’t shy away from talking about it and several others during a rather entertaining exploration of the world of online dating.

George Takei runs a YouTube channel called “Takei’s Take“. It’s a series of entertaining and well produced shows in which Takei gives his opinion on a variety of subjects. As of this writing there have been 11 episodes produced. For the second episode of Takei’s Take, George Takei tackled the subject of online dating. And he reveals whether he has a “thing” for William Shatner or not.

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In regards to the popular dating app Tinder, Takei says,

“Tinder is spreading like… an infection. It’s ‘meeting people’ reduced to its most basic elements. You get a picture, name, and mutual friends. From there decide whether they are worth your time… or whether you never want to see them again.”

Tinder is spreading like... an infection. - George Takei Click To Tweet

It’s amazing how simplified online dating has become.

George Takei Talks Online Dating


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