Amazing Marriage Proposal Video

When we first started watching this video, we didn’t expect much. It starts with some guy placing headphones on a woman at the back of an SUV. What follows, however, is one of the best and most creative marriage proposals ever. First we’ll play the video for you and then we’ll give you some background info on the proposal. Enjoy…

Amazing Marriage Proposal Video

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Boyfriend: Isaac Lamb, 31
Girlfriend: Amy Frankel, 33
The Song: Marry You
The Artist: Bruno Mars
Venue: Isaac Lamb’s parents house. Frankel was brought there under the pretense that they were having dinner with his parents.

The story: When 31 year old actor Isaac Lamb decided to propose to his girlfriend, Amy Frankel, he decided to do so in a big way. He wanted to create a moving musical adventure and with friends that were actors and choreographers, it wasn’t hard to find people to fill the roles. The couple live in Portland, Oregon, a city whose motto is “keep it weird”. The video features people important in the lives of the couple as those people act out scenes while lip synching to Bruno Mars “Marry You”.

In once scene people bring in laptops that have other people on screen doing different things. Those people on the laptop screens were friends and family close to Amy Frankel who couldn’t make it to the live surprise performance.

The lyrics to Bruno Mars “Marry You” reference “dancing juice.” Isaac Lamb “changed” the meaning of the lyrics to “dancing Jews” to add humor to the video and to honor the heritage of his girlfriend. The proposal took place on May 23, 2012.

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