How to Select an Online Dating Service

The following video talks about how to select an online dating service. In the video, Meghan Lynn Allen provides advice on the different types of services and how to decide which to you.

Below the video we have highlighted some of the points made in the video along with links to various sites mentioned.

How to Select an Online Dating Service



> Decide if you want to use a local-based service or a huge global based online dating service.
> Decide if you want to use a free online dating service (i.e. Plenty of Fish) or a paid online dating service.
> Be cautious as most free online dating services do little to no screening of members.
> Decide what features are important to you on a dating service (i.e. do you want chat/video features?)
> Decide if you want a site where your profile is open to everyone (i.e. or a site where limited people can see it (i.e. eHarmony).
> If a long term relationship, versus casual dating, is your goal then use services focused on long-term relationships (i.e. or eHarmony)
> If you’re looking for a niche site, there are plenty of options (i.e. gay/lesbian, vegetarian dating, millionaire dating, age-gap dating)

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