10 Unspoken Rules of Online Dating

taryn southern online datingMeet actress/writer/singer Taryn. She has been doing weekly YouTube videos since 2012 and has amassed a large following online. Most of her videos go viral now within days of being released because of her YouTube popularity.

Taryn specializes in sharing relaxed and conversational videos on a variety of subjects. She also does music videos (these are her most popular ones), and comedy/drama videos (with product placement).

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In one of her recent videos, Taryn took the time to talk about her 10 unspoken rules of online dating. While most of her tips in the video are aimed at men, a few also apply to women. Here is a sampling of some of what she says:

> Guys – lay off the emoticons. As Taryn puts it, “manliness as a concept does not include smiley faces. It just makes me not want to make out with you.”
> “If you’re a native English speaker, don’t make me think you’re in phase one of Rosetta Stone.”
> Don’t post cat photos.
> Don’t call too quickly once she gives you her phone number. You don’t want to appear to be an “eager beaver.”

manliness as a concept does not include smiley faces. Click To Tweet

Once Taryn learns how to count, her titles of her videos will be much more accurate. You’ll know what we mean when you watch the video. Enjoy…

10 Unspoken Rules of Online Dating


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