Steve Harvey’s Online Dating Tips

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Steve Harvey Show on Online Dating

Steve Harvey recently dedicated an episode of his show to online dating. For the episode, he tackles the subject of trying online dating for the first time along with the subject of that nerve-wracking first date.

The episode follows the online dating adventures of 31-year old Chundria who has never tried online dating. Chundria’s has always been leery about who is behind the screen on the other side and whether they’re in jail. But she agreed that she’d let Steve Harvey and his helper for the day – Smart Dating Academy founder¬†Bela Gandhi – help her overcome her online dating fears.

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Bela Gandhi, who is also a Zoosk dating consultant, helps Chudria set up her profile, providing here with online dating advice including:

> 90% of your success in online dating will be determined by your photo.
> People want to date the person they see in the picture. Therefore make sure you don’t use a photo where you had a unique look that is now gone.
> Online you have less than a second to capture a person’s attention. Make your photo count.
> When you talk about all the things you’re not looking for, it comes off as negative. Keep your profile positive.
> Your profile needs to be positive, confident, and playful to get the best response.

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The show tracks Chundria as she goes on a first date with someone she met as a result of her profile. Prior to the date, Steve Harvey insisted that Chundria follow several first date rules, including:

> Don’t share too much personal information on your date.
> Always have “after the date” plans. When the date is up go do your other activity. Don’t “continue” the date.
> Don’t drink any alcohol.
> Let the guy pay.

You can watch the 14-minute episode directly below:

Steve Harvey Show: Online Dating Tips and First Date Advice

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