Outdated Online Dating Photos – Tips & Rules

One complaint we have heard several times from online daters is that when they meet their date for the first time, he/she ends up looking very different than the photo they posted online. The video below is from a matchmaker who suggests you never post a photo more than two years old. Online Dating Magazine, however, suggests the following:

1) Never post a photo more than 5 months old.

2) Never post a photo that shows you wearing clothes you  don’t have anymore or don’t fit in anymore.

3) Always switch out your photos if you get a hair cut or style/color change.

4) Update your photos often and to reemphasize rule #1, remove any photos more than 5 months old. One easy way to track this is like this: many online dating services allow you to post a caption under your photo. Include the month/year the photo was taken.

Outdated Online Dating Photos


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