Taking Online Dating Offline – Advice for Men

In this video, dating coach for men, DeAnna Lorraine, talks about how (and why) a guy can take online dating into the real dating world. Her tips include:

1) Never “wink” or “flirt” with a girl because it is passive-agressive and women want you to take the initiative to send a message. You’ll get more results.

2) Make your initial message conversational. Avoid things like “hi”, “how are you doing”, etc. You want to be fun, flirty, and even sarcastic.

3) Read her profile and find a way to create banter, call her out, or tease her.  Make the subject header a tease that gets them to open and read the message.

4) Try to take the *relationship* offline within the first few messages.

Take a look at the video and in the Comments section below, tell us if you agree or disagree with this advice and what your advice is…

Taking Online Dating Offline – Advice for Men

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