Four Online Dating Red Flags

onlinedatingredflagsWhen it comes to online dating red flags, there’s never a shortage of advice. In the video below, dating coach Joann Cohen shares her four red flags to look out for with The List TV show. In the video, the four things Cohen warns to look out for are:

1) If a man lists in his profile a lot of “touchy”  words like “massages”, “holding hands”, “public displays of affection”, etc. then he is probably wanting just to get lucky versus looking for a serious relationship.

2) If a woman uses phrases in her profile like she enjoys “exotic vacations” and likes “Gucci bags” then she is probably a gold digger.

3) If a guy says the age range he is looking for is 18-45 then he is likely looking for someone 18-20 and not someone who is 44.

4) A person who hides their face in their online dating profile is either taken or unattractive.

There’s also a fifth piece of red flag advice from Cohen about online dating pictures. She says that if the person is taking a full body picture of them-self, then that person probably doesn’t have a lot of friends.

In addition to online dating red flags, a person should also be aware of romance scam red flags, since many of those originate via online dating.

Here is the “Online Dating Red Flags” video featuring dating coach Joann Cohen and host Teresa Strasser. After the video we list some additional red flags to look for when online dating.

Four Online Dating Red Flags


Some Additional Online Dating Red Flags

1) If you get a message from someone who doesn’t sound like they looked at your profile, then chances are that they didn’t. Many people will send out a mass amount of generic messages to many people at once. This type of impersonal communication is from someone you want to avoid or a potential scammer.

2) A person who always makes an excuse for not meeting in person. That person may be married, in a relationship, or a scammer.

3) A person who publishes a long list of “demands” a potential date must meet may be looking more for someone to boss around or transform rather than a meaningful relationship. Here is an actual list we saw on one profile:

Please do not contact me unless:

– You are between 25-30.
– You like cats.
– You are a Democrat.
– You are healthy.
– You have a good job.
– You cut your fingernails and toenails at least once a week.
– You can run/jog at least three miles without walking.

Please do not contact me if:

– You voted for a Republican in the last election.
– You live with your parents.
– You eat things that have a pair of eyes and a mouth.
– You are overweight.
– You have a mustache, beard, or goatee.

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