First Date Dating Tips for Men

The below video is very well done, however the title may be slightly misleading. The official title of the video is “Manners & Grooming for Shy Guys”. In actuality the video should have been titled, “First Date Tips for Men”. First, the video creators seem to look over a lot of the problems shy people have. But at the same time, they give great first date advice that anyone can benefit from viewing. Overall, it’s a great dating tips video, but not really for shy guys. We’ve included the tips mentioned in this production below the video.

First Date Dating Tips for Men

More Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Dating Tip #1
Be observant and sincerely complimentary.

Dating Tip #2
Begin a date by asking questions and not giving monologues.

Dating Tip #3
Stay focused and attentive.

Dating Tip #4
Turn off your cell phone before the date!

Dating Tip #5
Immediately, and quietly, take control of the bill when it arrives and pay for the meal.

Dating Tip #6
End the date by offering to something your date enjoys for the next date.

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