First Date Tips

First Date Tips Video

Dr. Paul Vehorn

We’re pleased to bring you three videos by Dr. Paul Vehorn that provide some valuable first date tips. A first date can be nerve-wracking. You’ve been communicating with someone you’re interested with online and now is the chance to see if the sparks continue in person. As you know, that’s a lot of pressure. Knowing some key first date tips, however, can help alleviate that pressure and allow you to be more like yourself.

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The first video below talks about first date conversation. You want to keep a conversation moving, thus it is important to ask questions based on the other person’s interest (you did read their profile, right?). You can tell from the person’s body language whether or not they are interested in the conversation.

The second video is about not being creepy on a first date. Hopefully this isn’t a problem you normally have. The video talks about conversation topics you should avoid and how not to look at the other person.

You can tell from your date's body language if they are interested in the conversation. Click To Tweet

The final video is about getting a second date.

First Date Conversation – How to Keep a Conversation Moving


Don’t Be Creepy


Getting a Second Date



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