Amy Webb Ted Talk – How I Hacked Online Dating

Amy Webb Online Dating Ted Talk Meet Amy Webb. She loves statistics and she loves spreadsheets. She likes to plan her life out in advance. But Amy has a problem… her dating life.

Like most people, Amy turned to online dating to find the love of her life. Online dating was attractive to her because it is based on data and algorithms – two of her passions. So what could go wrong when Amy took an approach to online dating that she does with jobs? Isn’t a resume much like a profile? She thought so. The copy and paste method worked great for her… copy from resume, paste to profile…

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But it didn’t take long for Amy to discover that online dating just wasn’t working for her. Sure, Amy was getting inquiries and date invites. There wasn’t a problem there. The problem ended up being the dates.

Her first date went to the bathroom just after dinner and just before the bill came to the table. He didn’t return.

Her date went to the bathroom when the bill came and didn't return. Click To Tweet

Future dates involved inappropriate sexual remarks, bad vocabulary, and high five requests. Being into data, Amy Webb started tracking all of these statistics and decided to treat online dating sites as databases in order to overcome the superficial data being used by the online dating services.

Amy shares her experience in a very entertaining and educational Ted Talk. You can watch it below:

Amy Webb Ted Talk: How I Hacked Online Dating


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