Funny Speed Dating Commercial

This is a funny speed dating commercial by AT&T that shows what happens when a man tries to use lines with a smart woman who is connected.  We’ve posted the dialogue below the video. Enjoy!

AT&T Speed Date Commercial

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(bell rings. man sits down in front of woman at speed dating table. Woman has cell phone in hand)

Man: We’re pressed for time so here it is. I’m looking for the one…

(woman looks at mans profile while listening. Man continues to speak)

Man: Kids. House. The whole domestic thing, you know?

Woman: (looking at phone) Then why does your relationship status say, “Never Getting Married”?

Man: Hmmmm. That was the old me.

Woman: It says you updated it 15 minutes ago.

Man: Yes. Yep. Yeah, that was before I met you.

Woman: (reading from phone) Favorite pickup line, “Nothing mattered before I met you.”

Man: (stumbles for words – stutters). Why did I…

Narrator: Only AT&T’s 4G network lets your iPhone download three times faster. AT&T.

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