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The Single Life Episode 4 – Bad First Date

In the fourth episode of The Single Life we get to hear all about how the first date went between Brent and Carly. This comes in the form of Carly and Lisa talking about it during lunch break and Kip and Brent talking about it. Of course, it is a bit awkward since Kip is…

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See Hot Edna’s Online Dating Video Profile!

Hot Edna's Online Dating Profile

Meet Edna. She is an extremely confident person who knows exactly what she wants in a potential mate. ALSO SEE: New Girl’s Schmidt Online Dating Profile Edna is funny, talkative, confident, and an incredible catch as this video shows. Her username is hotedna2014 and she probably won’t be on the market long. How could she…

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The Heart Machine – Movie on Online Dating

The Heart Machine

The Heart Machine is a movie about two people who meet online and begin a relationship without having ever met. The independent movie tracks the relationship between Cody, who lives in Brooklyn, and Virginia who is in Berlin. However, soon Cody becomes obsessed with doubts that Virginia really is in Berlin. And he becomes almost…

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George Takei Talks Online Dating

George Takei Talks About Online Dating

There is a niche online dating service called And while you won’t find George Takei on that service, he doesn’t shy away from talking about it and several others during a rather entertaining exploration of the world of online dating. George Takei runs a YouTube channel called “Takei’s Take“. It’s a series of entertaining…

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Teens and Online Dating (IMO)

Teens and Online Dating

The theory is that teens don’t really need to concern themselves with online dating because their daily activities (i.e. school, sports, clubs) put them in contact with fellow teens all the time. That’s the theory. Is that the case? ALSO SEE: MTV Casting for Dark Dating Show IMO, a forum show that is part of…

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Steve Harvey’s Online Dating Tips

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-play”] April 7, 2014 Steve Harvey recently dedicated an episode of his show to online dating. For the episode, he tackles the subject of trying online dating for the first time along with the subject of that nerve-wracking first date. The episode follows the online dating adventures of 31-year old Chundria who…

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10 Unspoken Rules of Online Dating

taryn southern online dating

Meet actress/writer/singer Taryn. She has been doing weekly YouTube videos since 2012 and has amassed a large following online. Most of her videos go viral now within days of being released because of her YouTube popularity. Taryn specializes in sharing relaxed and conversational videos on a variety of subjects. She also does music videos (these…

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