Online Dating Tips

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Profile Picture is Key

Research shows that your picture will make the first and most important impression when it comes to your online dating profile.

Picture Perfect

> Do smile. It's most important.
> Don't obstruct your eyes.
> Picture should be of you only.
> Primary photo should be best photo.
> Photo should be recent.
> Avoid friends in photos.

Username Choice

The username you select for your online dating profile will help define how "attractive" you are to others, according to research.

Username Advice

Men like to see usernames that define attractive features (i.e. cutiepie). Women like to see usernames that define intelligence. Both men and women like playful usernames. Avoid negative usernames at all costs.

Catchy Headlines

Your headline (subject header) should avoid cliches ("I'm the one you might be looking for"). For best results make it simple, but fun.

Real All About It!

Not all dating sites headlines or subject headers. If the one you're on does, make it count. Be original, creative, and simple. Avoid desperate, negative, and lonely headlines. Humor also plays well in headlines.

Be Honest

When it comes to writing your profile, honesty is the best practice. Don't be afraid to ask friends to look over your profile to see if it describes you.

A Shiny Personality

When writing your profile, be brief and informative. Avoid cliches. List things that make you unique and be honest when describing the type of person you are looking for. Let your personality shine.

First Contact

Research shows a person is much more likely to respond to you if your first note to him or her shows that you read their profile.

Read then Write

When you first communicate with someone, they are much more likely to respond if they can tell you read their profile. Be positive, fun, and concise. Ask a question about something in their profile.

Don't Try too Hard

Trying too hard to create a perfect online dating profile is almost as bad as not trying hard enough. Let your personality come through.

Be Yourself

Remember, you became a part of online dating to find someone who will love and cherish you. Therefore let your personality come through. You want someone to be attracted to you, not a persona you made up.

Talk Less on a Date

One of the big turnoffs on a date is someone who talks to much. This doesn't mean you should be quiet. Ask your date questions!

Know Your Date

In general people are turned off by someone who constantly talks about himself or herself. Be invested in getting to know your date. Look at past communications to find interests of theirs to talk about.

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