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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 10 - June 1, 2005
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Ideas: Rooftop Picnic
3. Online Dating Tips: Be Patient
4. Relationship Tips: Give Each Other Nicknames
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Ideas: Plan the Perfect Day
8. News: Single Dads Have Advantage in Dating
9. Feature Link: Old Flame Spreads Fast
10. Online Dating Newsletter Updates

From the Editor

As summer kicks into high gear, so do the I dos. Summer is the time in which most couples tie the knot. And many of those couples will have met the same way: online.

Interestingly enough, the number one conflict in marriages is something that couples before marriage (unless theyve been living together with one bank account) rarely fight over finances. One of the reasons finances are such a major problem in marriages is because couples deny there is a problem until it is too late. Then the blame game begins. In addition, before marriage both individuals handled their finances separately, never being accountable to anyone but themselves. Once you marry there is accountability for each others actions because everything one person does affects both people.

One way to overcome this issue is to address it before marriage. When you start seriously dating, finances is something you should both make sure you are on the same page about. If you can create a plan to manage the problem before it arises then you help conquer that problem. You then overcome the odds that youll be one of the statistics where your romantic adventure in life turned into a money mud-slinging competition.

If you and your partner are working together on money issues, before marriage, then after marriage youll be set to continue work as a team and conquer this monster that destroys so many unions.

For some money and budgeting tips, visit

Remember, the key to riches isn't how much you earn, but rather how much you spend.

May finances never be a burden in your relationships,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter


Creative Date Ideas: Rooftop Picnic
Try to find access to a rooftop at night and picnic up there at night, and bring candles for romance. (SOURCE: This Creative Date Idea was submitted by "Barbie". Go here to submit your creative date idea)

Commentary: Barbie has offered a great date idea that is not only unique, but can be very romantic. If you have access to a building rooftop in the evening, take your date up to the top with a blanket, picnic basket, and candles (don't forget the matches) and enjoy each other's company. Savor the moment you have to escape from all the hustle and bustle from the street below. The taller the building the better (assuming you are not afraid of heights) as the higher you go up, the more stars you will be able to see in the night sky above you.


Online Dating Tips: Be Patient
Just as it is important to be cautious when asked to give out personal information to someone you have met online, it is also important to be patient when you are on the other side of the coin. When you are interested in a person, you naturally want to know everything there is to know about that person. Your gut instinct may be to try and find out everything you can about them - their phone number so that you can call them, their birthday so that you know when to send a gift or card, or even their home address so that you can pick them up on a date. But remember, meeting someone online can be a scary experience for some people, especially for women and for those trying online dating for the first time. Not knowing someone in person before making that first date can (and should) make people extra cautious during the first stages of getting to know each other.

Don't take it personally if your match isn't ready to give out his or her home number or suggests meeting in a public place on the first date rather than have you pick them up. They are just trying to look out for themselves. Just because you know you have good intentions doesn't mean your date can be certain about them. Give your date enough time to feel comfortable with you before taking the next step into sharing more personal information. Never push them to give up information they are not ready to give. This action could make your date nervous and even more suspicious of your motives. If you meet and get along, the important information will be shared in time... just have patience. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tips: Give Each Other Nicknames
One of the best things about being in a romantic relationship is the ability to make a deep connection with another person that you cannot make with anyone else. In a committed relationship you and your partner make a connection filled with love, understanding, and secret moments shared only between the two of you. Try to emphasize the unique connection you share with your partner by giving each other special nicknames. Make sure your nickname for your loved one is solely used for him/her and not a name you use for other people. You always want to associate that name with your partner and only your partner.

Sometimes nickname development happens naturally, sometimes you choose a nickname on purpose. In either case, having a nickname for your special someone will connect you more intimately to that person and add a unique sense of attachment to your relationship. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Quote of the Week
"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." - Woodrow Wilson


Romantic Ideas: Plan the Perfect Day
Without explaining your reasoning behind the question or being too obvious, randomly ask your significant other what they would consider to be a perfect day. If you are on the phone when you ask them this, make sure you take notes. If in person, try hard to remember every little detail of their perfect day description. Take your mental or physical notes and start planning ways to make his/her ideal day a reality. Of course, you may not have the money or physical capabilities to do everything on your list, but try to find ways to do as much as you can for them. Make reservations in advance at their favorite spa or restaurant, or buy tickets for their favorite sporting event if that is part of their ideal day. The point is to be as prepared as possible to make their dream come true. On that special day, prepare them by letting them know how much they deserve a day just for them. Proceed to make their perfect day happen. If all goes well your partner will end the day happy,
appreciated, and feeling like royalty! (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: Single Dads Have Advantage in Dating World
(June 1, 2005 - A recent survey conducted by online relationship service True finds that single fathers have an advantage over single men without children when it comes to characteristics that promote deep relationship bonding and overall relationship stability. According to True's research, single fathers score significantly higher than do single men without children in such areas as intellectual exchange, willingness to commit and loyalty. Also, single fathers view themselves as more practical and flexible.

"A number of published studies show that the relationship qualities most desired by females concern emotional and economic security," said Dr. Jim Houran, Chief Psychologist of True. "Single-parent fathers have these qualities which promote heightened levels of mental chemistry with partners and make them attractive dating candidates for single women. In fact, our research suggests that single-parent fathers are generally more devoted and affectionate than their non-parent counterparts."

The survey was conducted as part of a nationwide study examining a variety of personality traits among more than 30,000 single men with and without children. While the survey shows single fathers as having an advantage in relationship characteristics, analysis of True's scientific data indicates that only 32 percent of women and 33 percent of men who are single and have no children choose to include single parents in their searches for a dating partner.

True, however, does not want single fathers to be discouraged. "Overall, single fathers should remember to draw strength from their parenting experiences, and proudly and enthusiastically convey to dating prospects the edge that these experiences bring to romantic relationships," says Dr. Houran, "that edge is only effective when you use it to your advantage."


Feature Link: Old Flame Spreads Fast
The popularity of online dating has also brought about a new problem - people who use the Web just to try and find people to sleep with. One Online Dating Magazine reader relates such a story of an old flame who reinitiated contact with her pressuring her to meet at a hotel despite him being married. But she soon found out that his profile was all over the Web.

Click here to read the new reader experience.


Online Dating Newsletter Updates
A new "Clicking Together" cartoon, number 16 in our 20-week series, has been uploaded to the Online Dating Newsletter Website. Click here to view it.

A new joke has been added to the Online Dating Newsletter Dating Fun Zone. Click here to view the new Dating Jokes section.


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