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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 9 - May 25, 2005
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Ideas: Musical Restaurants
3. Online Dating Tips: Participate in Optional Services
4. Relationship Tips: Act Like a Dog
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Ideas: Upgrade to a Limo
8. News: Google Maps Used for Online Dating
9. Feature Link: Short Men Can Have Dating Success
10. Online Dating Newsletter Updates

From the Editor
Welcome to another edition of the Online Dating Newsletter, which focuses on relationship tips and dating advice.

Earlier today I read an interesting article in the Tonawanda News from a columnist who decided to do some experimenting with online dating and write about it. You can read what happened by clicking here (link no longer works).

The story is interesting in that it points out that even when you meet in person you don't necessarily know the person you are with. For all you know, your date may be a professional online dater.

But most important, if you catch a person lying on your first date, no matter how much you are attracted to him/her, run the other way. Deception is the biggest destroyer of relationships and marriages. The sooner you spot deception, the easier it is for you to get away from its creator.

Trust your instincts,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter


Creative Date Ideas: Musical Restaurants
Take your date on a trip around town with this creative date idea. You likely have fond memories of playing musical chairs as a young kid, going from chair to chair each time the music would stop. This date idea plays upon that concept but, instead of changing chairs, you and your date change restaurants. Start your date off with an appetizer at one restaurant or bar. When you are ready for the main course go to a different restaurant and try out the menu there. Have dessert and coffee at yet another restaurant. If the night is still young you can hit up your favorite pub or nightclub for after dinner drinks. This imaginative outing is a fun way to keep your date on the edge of his or her seat and looking forward to what's "next on the menu". (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Online Dating Tips: Participate in Optional Services
Many online dating services offer optional additions like the ability for you to upload digital video or audio of yourself. If you want to increase the number of inquiries you receive, then use these options to your advantage. Sadly, fewer than 20% of people using online dating services generally upload digital video or audio when given the option. This makes those who do part of a more "elite group". You help single yourself out more by giving users something that only a handful of other profiles provide - the opportunity to see you in a more personal setting. Use this opportunity to be creative and to make yourself irresistible to those who want to know you better. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tips: Act Like a Dog
Imagine this scenario: You come home after a long stressful workday and traffic-filled commute. You are tired, grumpy, and hungry for dinner. You open the front door and instantly you are greeted by your furry playmate with a happy wagging tail. Your dog has run up to greet you and show you how much he has missed you while you were away at work and how happy he is that you are home again. The unconditional love and cheerful greeting given by your dog has instantly brightened up your mood.

A warm, friendly welcome from a dog after a hard day can be an uplifting experience. Dogs are always excited and happy when their owners arrive home and owners know they are loved simply by witnessing the back flips and barks of joy their dog provides as a daily reception ritual. Knowing this is the case, a great way to bring added joy to your relationship is to walk in Fido's footsteps and act like a dog. Back flips and barks aren't required, but a happy spirit and warm greeting are.

When you and your significant other meet each other somewhere or your partner comes home from work, try to make it a habit to greet them with love and a cheerful hug or kiss. Be excited to see him/her! If your partner is in a bad mood or tired from the workday, an unenthusiastic greeting or, worse yet, no greeting at all, does nothing to help improve your partner's mood. It may, in fact, make that mood worse. A warm smile can help to ease the stress and a friendly hello can help lift your loved one's spirits. Your partner's mood can easily improve when you show them how excited you are that they are home and how much you missed them while they were away. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Quote of the Week
"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand." - Dr. Karl Augustus Menninger


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly." - Cecil B. DeMille


Romantic Ideas: Upgrade to a Limo
Plan a dinner date with your partner, perhaps on an anniversary - something nice, but not out of the ordinary so that he/she doesn't get suspicious. In advance of the date order a limo to pick you up, drive you there, wait for you, then take you home. Make sure your partner doesn't know that youve ordered a limo. Then, when you and your partner leave to go on the date, the romantic surprise awaits right outside your door and instantly sets a nice romantic tone to the entire evening. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: Google Maps Used for Online Dating
(May 25, 2005 - A new tool has been unveiled by BoonEx Group and Aewebworks Dating Software Development that allows online daters to search for matches visually by looking on a detailed map. The two companies, specializing in the online dating industry, announced that the new system unites the functionality of Google Maps with the online dating member database of 4ppl Online Personals.

With the tool, visitors can search for members on the 4ppl network and see their location on a map integrated with Google Maps technology. Currently the system shows people located within certain ZIP code areas, not the specific locations for each member. The limitation is set due to privacy concerns, as members of the 4ppl service do share their ZIP codes but may be unwilling to provide their home address so that they can remain somewhat anonymous.

"This is only one of the very first steps; give it a wait and we'll let people opt-in and search for precise location of a potential soul mate, and then arrange a date using video-call," says Andrey Sivtsov, CEO of AEwebworks. "BoonEx Group and AEwebworks Software Development now work on a complex interactive system, which should merge advantages of online and real-life dating. Note that we hope to make it accessible from mobile phones, because we believe that dating should be mobile, and dates should happen in real life, not virtual."

According to 4ppl Online Personals, the integration of Google Maps for 4ppl personals and steps toward a 4ppl mobile initiative aimed at developing dating services for mobile devices is the first stage of a long-term plan to transform online dating into what they consider more of a real life experience. The online dating tool can be found at


Feature Link: Short Men Can Have Dating Success
Online Dating Magazine has published a reader's online dating experience about his success despite his height. He was inspired to share his experience after reading about another man's online dating experience. After reading the column he felt inspired to express that height is not as important as attitude and approach. And he says he knows because he's been married for 5 years to a wonderful woman he met online.

Click here to read the new reader experience.


Online Dating Newsletter Updates
A new "Clicking Together" cartoon, number 15 in our 20-week series, has been uploaded to the Online Dating Newsletter Website. Click here to view it.

A new joke has been added to the Online Dating Newsletter Dating Fun Zone. Click here to view the new Dating Jokes section.


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