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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 6 - May 4, 2005
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Ideas: The Jungle Date
3. Online Dating Tips: First Date Finished; Now What?
4. Relationship Tips: Create a "Special Moments" Calendar
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Ideas: Bottle and Note
8. News: Private Telephone Service Offered to Online Daters
9. Online Dating Newsletter Updates

From the Editor
I recently received an email from a PR firm that was probing my interest level in covering a new online dating site where people could provide reviews of online daters. So let's suppose you're coolwoman3498 who just went out with theone372 that you met on Now let's say that your experience was that "theone" looked 10 years older than his picture and he talked a lot about his ex-girlfriends during the date. Well, you could go to this new online dating site and post a review about "theone372" from "". Then other people can use this site as a sort of "detective" service to learn more about a potential match.

I'm on the fence about what I think of this new service. A part of me thinks it's a good idea because it helps expose "frauds". But then another part of me thinks it's a bad idea, for several reasons. What happens, two months down the road, when "theone372", who has 13 reviews on this new site, leaves online dating and is eventually replaced with someone else who takes the username "theone372"? Also, how would you feel if you were on a date where the person was "rating" and "reviewing" you for a public post they were prepared to make when the date was over? Also, what about the ex that is only out for revenge?

It's interesting to see what new concepts (like this one and the one mentioned in today's news story) emerge as online dating continues to grow. While concepts like dating services that allow you to rate members photos ("hot or not") do a disservice, new ones like this review service are a bit more borderline. I'd be interested in knowing what your thoughts are about this new type of service. Please email me your opinion at I look forward to exploring this more with you in the future.

Wishing You Good Reviews,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter


Creative Date Ideas: The Jungle Date
This is one is kind of goofy, but cute, romantic, and exotic all at the same time. For this you will need to gather together various stuffed animals. Borrow them from someone you know who has kids or from a younger sibling. Alternatively, go and buy them. Set the stuffed animals up in the yard around your picnic area. Get some fruits such as grapes and strawberries so you can treat your significant other as a jungle king/queen by feeding them. Have a fruity non-alcoholic wine available to quench your thirst. Have your picnic area under the shade for those hot humid days. Now for the fun part; make a grass skirt or dress up as some jungle native and have your partner do the same. (SOURCE: This Creative Date Idea was submitted by "tarzan". Go here to submit your creative date idea!)


Online Dating Tips: First Date Finished; Now What?
If you're looking for a serious relationship through online dating you may be very excited when you decide to meet your online match in person for the first time. When your first face-to-face meeting ends, don't feel pressure to go on a second date if you end up not enjoying his or her company. While becoming a professional online dater is not something to strive for (see the following Online Dating Magazine article -, don't feel that the first date you go on has to lead to a serious relationship, either. Even if your chemistry with your online match is fantastic through email and online chat, that spark may fizzle out when you meet each other in person. That's perfectly normal...some people just don't click when they meet face to face.

The point of dating, including online dating, is to find someone you are compatible with and enjoy spending time with in person. If you don't feel that with the person you have met, you have every right to go with that feeling. Just make sure you are honest with your date about it, because he or she may think that your face to face date was just as wonderful as your past virtual communications. Being honest with someone you went on a date with will earn you respect, whereas just disappearing will earn you disrespect. Also, remember that sometimes chemistry won't develop until after a few dates. If you feel a mild connection with your date in person, it may be worthwhile to pursue it a bit further, until you are sure it will or won't work for you. Just remember to be honest with yourself and your dates and you will know when you have found the right relationship partner.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tips: Create a "Special Moments" Calendar
Have you ever forgotten an anniversary or other day that was very special to your significant other? If not, you're lucky. If so, you know how bad it makes you feel. Make sure that you don't miss another important anniversary by having a "special moments" calendar.

Purchase a small organizer with a yearly calendar in it and write down the anniversary date of the special days that are important to you and your partner. Make sure you put in the major dates like the anniversary of your first date, your first kiss, and your partner's birthday. But also try and get a little more specific, like the anniversary of the first time you told each other "I love you" or the anniversary of the first day you met. If there is an area in your organizer for notes, write down specific details about the special day (where you went on your first date, who initiated the first kiss, etc.). Glance at the calendar each month to make sure you won't forget an important date. By taking extra effort to remember those special anniversaries you are showing your significant other that you want to continually celebrate your relationship. It is also a great excuse to surprise your partner with an unexpected gift. You get mega-bonus points if you're a guy and do this. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Quote of the Week
"An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her."- Agatha Christie


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


Romantic Ideas: Bottle and Note
We've all seen movies where someone is stranded on an island and sends a note in a bottle for help. Take that same concept, but turn it into a romantic gesture for your partner. Offer to "draw a bath" for your partner then leave a love note in a bottle floating on the water for them. A clear wine bottle (remove the label) works best. Be sure to cork it. This creative and romantic gesture will really leave your loved one on cloud nine, as will the relaxing bath. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: Private Telephone Service Offered to Online Daters
(May 4, 2005 - PrivateTel, a new company focused on privacy-oriented telecommunications solutions, has launched a new identity management service called MyPrivateLine. MyPrivateLine provides people with a way to receive phone calls while protecting their real phone number. This may prove to be particularly useful for online daters that don't want to divulge their phone number to someone they have not yet met in person.

MyPrivateLine is a prepaid telephone service that uses toll-free numbers to route all incoming calls anonymously and safely to another, hidden phone number of each user's choice. In this way, users of the service are protected from divulging any personal or professional phone numbers to people who are not fully known to them.

"With online dating services, social networking sites, chat rooms and instant messaging, it is possible to meet dozens of strangers in a short period of time, and you really have to be careful about divulging personal information, especially your phone number," according to Fred Davis, CEO of PrivateTel. "In addition, personal classified ads, auctions sites, and e-commerce provide additional ways for your phone number to be disclosed. The danger is that online telephone directories allow your phone number to be used to locate your name, home address, and other personal information that you may not want to reveal until you get to know the other person better."

With MyPrivateLine customers can receive their own personal toll-free phone number, and have that number forwarded to any other phone number they want. It is a pre-paid calling service in which incoming call minutes are deducted from the account balance. The call is free of charge to the caller.

MyPrivateLine is launching their service with a promotion on the Website that offers people a free trial period in order to demonstrate its effectiveness for Internet users who want to safely exchange information with people they meet online. During the trial period, users will receive 30 minutes of free MyPrivateLine service.


Online Dating Newsletter Updates
A new "Clicking Together" cartoon, number 12 in our 20-week series, has been uploaded to the Online Dating Newsletter Website. Click here to view it.

A new joke has been added to the Online Dating Newsletter Dating Fun Zone. Click here to view the new Dating Jokes section.


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