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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 2, Number 5 - April 27, 2005
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Ideas: The Special Date
3. Online Dating Tips: Look Better Than Your Photo
4. Relationship Tips: Walk for Love
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Ideas: Give a Photo Card
8. News: More Groups Oppose Online Dating Background Checks
9. Feature Link: Writing a Profile That Increases Your Attraction
10. Online Dating Newsletter Updates

From the Editor
Many people who participate in online dating for the first time generally keep their guard up, not really knowing what to expect. As time progresses, however, it is easy to let one's guard down. This is also true of those who gain a false sense of security from dating sites, like True, that lead you to believe, from promotions and their home page, that you're "safer" with them because they run background checks. Yet, such a false sense of security may leave you vulnerable for a potential bad experience. Even True has hidden this message several clicks deep into its Website, regarding its background checks:

"Criminal background checks are not a guarantee of safety. It is possible for criminals to circumvent even the most sophisticated background search technology. Lack of prior criminal record is not a guarantee that a person won't commit a crime. Every criminal has a first victim."

It's important to simply practice safety at all times in your online dating experiences. Don't give out personal information too soon and never meet for the first time at the other person's house. Meet in a very public place. For more tips, read Online Dating Magazine's Dating Tips Advice column titled "What are the Dangers of Online Dating?"

Have fun and date safe,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter


Creative Date Ideas: The Special Date
One of the best resources for creative date ideas is right under your nose - local events. There are a couple of ways you can keep track of special events coming to your area. The first is to monitor Ticketmaster ( Check the listing of events by local venue. I do this often and once saw that Champions on Ice (with some of the best ice skaters in the world, including Michelle Kwan) was going to be playing locally. So several months in advance I ordered tickets (to get the best seats) and when the event came to town I was able to use it as a great surprise date.

Touring events, like Champions on Ice (, have wide mass appeal. The audience really gets into the performances, which adds an aura of success and enjoyment to the evening for both you and your date.

Another source to find local events is your newspaper or newspaper's Website. The only drawback to this is that you usually won't get as much advance notice. However, for short notice events and quick date plans, it's a great resource.

Finally, contact all of your local theaters and arenas and ask to be placed on their mailing list. You'll get notification months in advance of what cool new events are coming to your area. Then find the events you think your current dating or relationship partner would most enjoy and purchase tickets. You'll be able to surprise your partner with an amazing night of fun. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Online Dating Tips: Look Better Than Your Photo
When it comes to looking for love online, your gut instinct may be to post the most attractive picture you have of yourself in your online profile. While this may get you more profile responses, it can lead to disappointment if your picture makes you look different than you actually are. When meeting for the first time, you want to impress your date, not let them down by misrepresenting yourself. There's a wise saying that goes, "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression." A great way to impress your date is to show up looking even more attractive than expected.

Of course, don't post an unflattering picture of yourself; this may hinder your online dating success. But, do make sure to post a realistic and recent picture of yourself and then, once that picture is up, work daily on improving upon your current image. Perhaps you could start a new exercise program, start drinking more water to add that glow to your complexion, or try a new hairstyle. The point is to improve yourself not only for your own self-confidence, but to make yourself even more attractive than your date is anticipating you to be. You will feel good about yourself when meeting and your date will be pleasantly surprised. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tips: Walk for Love
With everything going on in our busy lives, it may be hard to find quality time to spend with your partner, free of distractions. A great way to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the day is to take a short walk together, free of cell phones, every day. Try to go to a place quiet and relatively secluded like a park or peaceful neighborhood street. Taking a walk together gets you away from the television, the work you brought home, and the ringing phone. It is the perfect opportunity to talk about your day and share ideas and what's on your mind.

Plus, walking gives you a double bonus. Not only is a stroll good for maintaining healthy communication habits in your relationship, it's also great for your physical health. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the average person who walks for one mile burns about 100 extra calories. It's a win-win situation. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Quote of the Week
"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."- Sam Keen


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators." - Edward Gibbon


Romantic Ideas: Give a Photo Card
As an inexpensive and unexpected treat for your special someone, send them a greeting card personalized with a photo and unique message. Start by scouring through pictures of you and your loved one together. Once you have chosen the perfect photo, scan it to your computer with your scanner or take it to a store with photo service to put it on a disk. If it is a digital photo you are all set. Next, visit an online photo processing website that gives you the option of creating a greeting card with your photo included in the design. A few inexpensive online photo shops offering personalized photo greeting cards are:

> Webshots
> Snapfish
> Kodak Gallery

Make sure you add a heartfelt message with your greeting card. This extra personal touch to the common greeting card gift brings that additional bit of romance needed to really impress your partner. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: More Groups Oppose Online Dating Background Checks
(April 27, 2005 - The opposition to forcing online dating services to do background checks is growing. This time, several high profile technology firms and groups have come out to oppose legislative efforts to create laws governing online dating services. Online dating service True started courting lawmakers to create laws forcing online dating services to do background checks or prominently post that they don't do such checks. This came after True signed an exclusive agreement with the Web's largest background check service, thus locking other dating services out from being able to use the same service.

"As some the country's most popular Internet and technology companies, we are incredibly committed to keeping our users safe, and that extends to online dating services," said Markham Erickson, a spokesman for the NetCoalition in regards to Florida legislative efforts. "But if only 15 of 67 Florida counties provide felony information, and recent news reports indicate that national criminal databases similar to the one required by this legislation can have a roughly 40 percent error rate, all this bill will do is mislead and misinform Florida consumers."

Over 30 companies, including Yahoo! and Google, signed a letter opposing the regulation. You can read the letter by clicking here.


Feature Link: Writing a Profile That Increases Your Attraction
In order to have success with online dating, you need to reach out to others and capture their interest. Since all you have online to express yourself and impress potential dates are your words, make sure you choose the words that will make an your online dating profile the most attractive. Online Dating Magazine has recently published an article titled, "Writing A Personal Profile Ad That Increases Your Attraction" to give tips and advice on how to make your profile attractive to potential matches.

To read the feature article, click here.


Online Dating Newsletter Updates
A new "Clicking Together" cartoon has been uploaded to the Online Dating Newsletter Website. Click here to view it.

A new joke has been added to the Online Dating Newsletter Dating Fun Zone. Click here to view the new Dating Jokes section.


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